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EasyViewr is an online platform designed to ease the scheduling burden. It allows managers to create an auto-populating Master Schedule, view, edit or even remove employees, as well as add/remove announcements for all employees to see. On the other side, the employees gain the benefit of ensuring they know when their shifts are and no-shows, late arrivals, and confusion of shifts are all drastically reduced with the use of EasyViewr


How it works


You can purchase a Manager Key and can start building your schedule immediately. You are able to edit daily schedules (Start to Finish) for each employee and it will automatically update the Master Schedule in real-time. You will have access to “Manager Settings” where you are able to view all employees, edit or remove any employee, edit the store name as well as edit/remove manager announcements. The $150 small-store package allows up to 11 (including one manager) employees for your store and the $400 large-store package extends it to 101 employees. You cannot upgrade or degrade your account, your store key for your account remains the same forever, so choose your plan wisely. You will need to contact us for higher package pricing

Choose any of the packages below

Small-Store Manager Key
1 small-store manager key; 10 employees limit
Upto 11 Editable Users
Personalization for all Users
Lifetime Account
One time fee
No hidden fees
$ 1 5 0
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Large-Store Manager Key
1 large-store manager key; 100 employees limit
Upto 101 Editable Users
Personalization for all Users
Lifetime Account
One time fee
No hidden fees
 $ 4 0 0


You are able to login to your account and with just a few clicks you’ll be able to view your schedule. You can alter your availability to your liking on your profile page. If any changes occur for any user, the schedule is updated in real-time and you’ll be able to view the change immediately. With the ‘master schedule’, you are able to view everyone’s shifts; users within your store. With ‘my shifts’ you are able to view your specific shifts written in list form for the week as well as calendar form. The ‘announcements’ section shows you important announcements your manager has posted. Lastly, the ‘all members’ section shows you a list of all the employees in your store as well their contact information; email, phone number etc. EasyViewr is mobile-friendly and can be viewed with ease on any mobile device


If you have received a Store Key from your manager you can Register your account below. If you already have an account, you can also Login below


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