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Who is EasyViewr for?

If you are an owner of a business and require aid in scheduling, you’ve come to the right place. EasyViewr’s online platform allows employees to be able to edit their availability, managers are able to add/remove shifts, remove employees off schedule, add/remove announcements, as well as post these shifts live on a calendar for all employees to view on-the-go

If you are just looking for a platform to help you and others organize your time through a scheduling platform, you’ve also come to the right place. EasyViewr’s online platform will allow you to create/view/edit yours or others’ schedules, with the given availability, at any given moment. EasyViewr can be used by any person/business in need of a quick and powerful scheduling tool.

How does the payment system work?

You have a choice between a small-store key and a large-store key. Small-store key has a limit of 11 employees within the store, whereas the large-store key has a limit of 101 employees. Both accounts are lifetime accounts and all future updates will be automatically implemented into all active accounts. Small-store manager keys are $50 and large-store manager keys are $200. Once you purchase a key, you will be brought to a checkout page where the manager key will be provided. We ask you keep the keys private and safe to ensure minimal issues

Can I register without a store/manager key?

Short Answer: Yes

Long Answer: When you register, the store key you provided becomes a new store, so you can technically insert anything as the store key. If the store key exists already, you will join the store automatically. And well… without the manager key, you can’t really do much. You can set your availability and stare at a blank schedule that doesn’t change, and that’s pretty much it. Since the manager account is able to edit everything, including the store name and everyone’s shifts, without a manager account in that store, it will just be a store of employee accounts. In summary, without a valid store/manager key, you can play around as a dummy employee account, if you so desired. Also, if you do not wish for strangers to invade your store, we suggest you keep the store key private

What is a 'store'?

Although we always refer to the space we have provided you with as a ‘store’, it’s basically just a spot in our database for you to store your information. You are able to store your profile notes, email, availability, etc. and for managers; shifts for the master schedule. It doesn’t have to be owned by just ‘store’ owners. This platform provides enough customization to the members system and stores system, making it very easy to implement in any type of work/study atmosphere

What is the difference between availability and shifts?

Your availability is the times you are ABLE TO WORK and your shifts are the times you are WORKING. A person could be available all the time, but only work a few shifts a week. The master schedule displays everyone’s shifts and is created, taking the availabilities into consideration. The availabilities are only accessible to the employee that created them and his/her store manager

What is the difference between the 'store key' and the 'store name'?

The store key is the key to get into the store. It is the store’s identity. When you register for an account, you must input the accurate store key to successfully join your preferred store. The store key is always displayed under your Profile name

The store name is the front-end name of your store. It is editable by the manager of that store and can display up to 30 characters. The store name is always displayed over the Master Schedule, beside the manager of your store

What happens when I reach the limit of employees?

When a new user tries to edit their availability in their user page, it will produce a message informing the user that this store has reached the limit of its employees. Accounts are able to join the store, but they cannot add themselves onto the schedule. To be able to fit new members in, the manager must either remove employees, or contact us for a higher package

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